Avoiding Coronavirus At The Gym

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Hey Friends!

Been getting a lot of emails seeking advice on working out at public gyms.

Am I a bit more concerned than I was a month ago?


So -- to stay on the safe side -- I am now skipping the gym in favor of this awesome home workout until things right themselves.

Easy peasy.

Please keep in mind I am not an infectious disease expert or epidemiologist.

But, from what I've gleaned from Johns Hopkins, CDC, EPA, and WHO, here's the short and simple:

  • Ensure your gym (or you) has wipes and/or disinfectant that's on this EPA approved list.
  • Even if you see someone wipe down their equipment, perform your due diligence and wipe down ALL SURFACES of whatever machine/equipment/locker etc and....
  • This also means knowing how long said disinfectant needs to remain on the surface to be effective. If your gym can't tell you then consider an alternative (and find a better gym when this is over).

Remember that wipes and disinfectants don't kill 100% of microbes. They're prophylactics, not impenetrable fortresses.


Besides the obvious, there's also the fact that all the additional wiping down and waiting means more idle time between movements.

This neuters the fat burning and muscle hypertrophy your workouts are meant to induce. 

Consequently, you'll find yourself at the gym longer than usual.

My solution is the new Start Strong workout that allows you to keep crushing your fitness and body composition goals at home with minimal equipment.


Keep slaying it (safely!) Sisters of Strength!


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