Bustin' Pull Up Plateaus in 30 Days (do it with me!)

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Join me in busting a pull up plateau using Pavel Tsatsouline's tried and trusted Russian Pull Up Program (link to pdf download of Pavel's program below).

I've used Pavel's pull up program several times over the years to exceed various pull up goals.  And you can, too, no matter if your goal is to get your first pull up (the most exciting pull up of all!) or to get a weighted one-rep max.


I’m stuck at a 65lb 1RM (one rep max) pull up with a kettlebell. On Saturday, I and some of the boss queen ninjas in the private No Fail Sisters of Strength group, am going to start training the Pavel Pull Up method for 30 days. We each have a wide array of pull up goals so I hope you join us. We'll be posting daily videos of our progress!

Because of an injury and being unable to externally rotate my left shoulder, I'll be using the neutral (aka parallel) grip. You can use the gold standard pronated (overhand) grip or the neutral, which is a hair easier and works a little more biceps.... just in time for the beach!

I'm going to start with the 3 RM Pull Up Progression (it will make sense in the pdf) using a 50lb kettlebell. If I find I'm not making the progress I like, I may go down to using a 44lb kettlebell to hit all my reps.

My goal in 30 days is to increase my one rep max to a 70lb weighted pull up. What's yours?


  • Depending on your pull up level, you'll be doing 4-5 sets of a prescribed number of reps depending on your current ability. These can be done before or after your regular workout or on an active rest day. 
  • If you can do three strict pull ups already, don't use any assistance and start at the 3RM Progression.
  • If you're not yet at your first pull up, use a band that's challenging where your max is either three or five.
  • Five days on, one day off.
  • Do this for four weeks. At the end of four weeks, take 2-3 full recovery days off. 
  • After the recovery days, test for your new goals.
  • It's common for people to up their reps 2.5-3x. For example, if you begin only being able to do 5 strict pull ups, you should be able to do 12-15 reps at the end of the month.
  • More info on where to start according to your pull up ability in the pdf below.
  • As always, pulling body weight is MUCH easier when there's less fat tissue to move in the first place. Nourish your muscles to increase strength and burn off excess dead weight with intelligent nutrition to get you to your goals faster and easier.

Pavel Tsatsouline Russian Pull Up ProgramClick here for Pavel's Pull Up Program>>> (it's definitely written in "bro" language but applies to women all the same. Bodyweight strength is relative to ourselves. Read: it's you vs. you)

There are some embarrassing YouTube pull up tutorials I made a couple years ago here>>> 

Doing a few hollow holds and hangs as a warm up to your working sets is always a great idea to get more blood into the muscles, lat activation and injury prevention.

I hope you'll join other kick ass women just like you in climbing their pull up Everests! Join our private, exclusive Sisters of Strength community!


Get the No Fail Diet Template for Strategic Fat Loss (choose your current weight) and create the fitness of your life NOW.

Just imagine fitting into your favorite (or dream) jeans in a few months!



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