Happy Keto Body 12 Week Online Fat Burning Course Closes 4/22

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For those Sisters of Strength into intermittent fasting/keto for their fit AF life...
... I'm super excited to FINALLY be able to share that I'm a contributor for Leanne Vogel's Happy Keto Body 12 week online course on all things optimizing fat burning and training with keto. If you're interested, the info there will work well with your customized programs. I think she's closing registration on April 22 so get in there if you're into it!


Let's face the facts.

We've all talked about losing weight, getting fit, getting healthier. And months pass... then years and still our bodies rebel.

Maybe you know someone who promises herself she'll finally "feel comfortable in her body" or, "get those hormones under control and feel emotionally balanced." Then years go by, motivation evaporates... and she finds herself more desperate than before.

Maybe you heard about the keto diet and thought, 'Hey, it seems to work for everyone else.'

Yes, the keto diet has proven to be an almost magical (yet clinically proven) solution for MANY. And, simply making the switch to keto should result in huge improvements for you.

But there’s a problem: The classic keto diet works great for men.

If you’re a woman, it can wreak havoc on your entire body - cravings, not losing weight, lack of energy, hunger all the time, imbalanced hormones, carb binges… all because you’re following the wrong plan for you.

This often leads to disappointment, anxiety, and desperation.

It’s not your fault. A lot of misguided information is floating around out there and it’s causing many of us to feel like failures.

To succeed on keto, you must understand women’s bodies are complex, hormone-driven systems that demand a different approach.

Discover Happy Keto Body before it closes on April 22: 


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