How I lost 1.4% Body Fat in 6 Days Eating Potatoes

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Let Resistant Starch Rock Your Fat Loss, Gut Health and so Much More. Here's How:


Hello, Fat Burning Babes worldwide! Michelle here and I hope summer is off to a sunny, sensational
Make sure they're organic!
start for you.
A few years ago I heard/read a lot about resistant starch and the "potato diet hack." I decided to give it a go after listening to Richard Nikoley and Tim Steele aka Tater Tot discuss it on one of the Bulletproof Radio podcasts. My first trial was after the holidays when I came back from Hawaii a soft, swollen, suntanned tick. Too much Mai Tai. Not enough MCT. Let it be a cautionary tale.
I'll provide links to references and research at the end of the post but I know you want me to get to the point. 


Here's what I wrote to the Fat Burning Babes on our private group page:
Okay guys. First, please watch this four minute video to understand what resistant starch does in and for our bodies. Notice when he mentions the benefits of butyrate... butyrate is also in PASTURED butter and grassfed meats/dairy. It's one of the components that make these foods fat burners. With resistant starch, we actually end up making the butyrate inside us (to put it simply).

We're only going to be using cooked, cooled (24 hours), reheated organic potatoes. You can also use cooked and cooled white rice (sparingly). Do not have the fat coffee in the morning. You can have black coffee with stevia and then eat when you're hungry.
You should be taking this anyway

You must take your soil-based probiotic with this or the results will be lackluster -to- non-existent.

Shoot for 2-4 pounds of potatoes a day. If you're full, you're full. Try to make two meals of it: lunch and dinner. Make the potatoes any way you like. Boiled with a "stone" left in the middle is the best for achieving high levels of RS (resistant starch). Boil, leave a little bit of the middle hard, cool, then reboil when ready to eat. Hunger shouldn't be an issue.

In the evening, you want to work your way up to drinking 2 tbsp of Bob's Red Mill Unmodified Potato Starch in water. It's flavorless. I kinda like it. Do not take 2 tbsp the first time you do this as it could backfire.... in your pants. Maybe start with 1/2 to 1 tbsp and see how you feel.

1. Have two feedings/potatoes daily. Lunch & dinner (fasting & coffee until lunch) works for most.

2. Variety! Boiled potato for lunch. Baked "French" fries for dinner.

3. No more than 1tbsp coconut oil or fat per 2 lb potatoes.

4. No more than 10g of added protein per meal. If you need protein in your diet, have protein then five hours later, eat your spuds

5. Keep boiled or baked potatoes on hand in fridge for snacking and hunger.

6. Eat to satiety, not stuffed full.

7. Get the gallon of water and more if needed.

1. Plan on eating mostly potatoes for 5-7 days (90%+ of calories)
2. Eat between 2 and 4lbs of potatoes daily (cooked, cooled for 24 hours, re-heated, eat)
3. Unlimited coffee, tea, and water.
4. Spices, salt, pepper, and vinegar OK.
5. Lifting of Heavy Things discouraged, think ‘de-load week’ Lifting light things/walking OK. (Go for long, fasted walks in the morning)
6. All normal supplements OK to continue
7. Intermittent fasting encouraged.

*8. Not recommended for people who eat every 2-3 hours, have glucose issues, or have eating disorders. You must be fat adapted and using a soil-based probiotic. 

*I know everyone is going to make a run on potatoes right now and attempt this. Please, please, please do not try this until you have been eating an anti-inflammatory diet for at least a couple months and use soil-based probiotics. The consequences can result in some unattractive intestinal gymnastics that no woman should endure in her lifetime.  Not even your enemies.

Some suggested reasons this works so well:
- Food Reward/Satiety
- Resistant Starch/Butyrate/Gut Flora Connection
- Insulin Sensitivity Regained
- Ketosis from calorie restriction/butyrate forming short chain fatty acids

The last time I tried this after the holidays I lost 1.4% body fat in six days. You might bloat out (a lot of it has to do with getting your lower intestines healthy with a new colony of bacteria for the first time). This bloat drops a few days after finishing. I did not have hunger. Felt a little keto flu... I went into deep ketosis doing this.

This stuff is yummy
I also added tiny, tiny servings of sauerkraut and kimchi into some meals. Lots of Westbrae ketchup, vinegar, tons of pink salt, spices, onions here and there for flavor.

It will be good to get you potatoes all prepped and cooked on Saturday so they're cooled sufficiently by Sunday. Remember to get the Bob's Red Mill Potato STARCH not the flour. That would be bad. You're going to be farty and poopy. This is your gut healing and cleaning out your intestines and colon. Literally. So, buy some extra TP while you're at it.


  • I had a couple heavy lifts last week so I added in a lot more protein than I'd recommend to someone doing this strictly. I still ended up dropping 4.5 lbs and 1.0% body fat in six days. Pretty crazy, huh? The weight was water as I did this right after my period. The only cardio I did was long walks in the morning, fasted.
  •  R.N. ended up losing 1.1% body fat in the six days and didn't end up with any of the farty/poopy side effects. 
The minimum to do it is three days. If you're really looking to strip fat, heal your gut or a combo, I'd say 6 or 7 days with a regular eating day then resume resistant starch hack.
It's incredibly easy and makes eating pretty darn simple: potatoes and more potatoes. Peel them and pare any eyes or deep pits out of the spud.
Are you gonna give it a go? What are your results? Let us know in the comments below!
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