How to Burn Body Fat For Women: Liver lovin' lemons

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Howdy, Fat Burning Babes, worldwide!

Let's talk about how lemon water helps your liver burn fat more efficiently and how plain ol' water curbs cravings. Of course, this is all based on a biologically appropriate nutrition plan and not a band aid for abusing your body. It just won't work without smartly timed and chosen nutrition.


If you want to lose that dangerous visceral fat, begin with showing your liver some love. If you want the science, check out this study: 

Lemon Polyphenols Suppress Diet-induced Obesity by Up-Regulation ...


But I get the feeling you're thinking: Get to the point, Burleson. So, here we go.

Sad Panda Liver

  • When you trash your body with inflammatory foods, sugar, alcohol, other toxins, etc, it's gotta go somewhere when you're unable to burn it off immediately. Namely, it goes to your white adipose tissue (bad fat). Brown adipose tissue is the good fat. Side note: cryotherapy is an awesome way to activate brown fat to burn the white fat. More on that next time
  • As you have more garbage coming in and less productivity going out (in the form of fat-burning, anti-inflammatory foods and exercise), the white adipose tissue aka storage fat can't keep up with where to put it all. So, white fat knocks on your liver's door and says, "Hey, dude, can you put all this extra fat in your house?" As if your liver had nothing else to do besides function as a makeshift fat storage facility. And that, in turn, is like trying to run a fireworks factory in a gas station.
  • Now all this excess fat and sugar clogs your liver, rendering it unable to perform its necessary metabolic functions, including burning fat. So it goes to all the other neighboring organs and arteries asking them to take on the fat storage burden. Read: obesity. And then we have created completely preventable metabolic diseases, hardening of the brain, heart, arteries, etc. A very slow suicide. If you are carrying excess body fat, this is happening to you in various degrees.
  • All this excess leptin production gone amuck now has sugar being converted to fat inside your liver. Hello, Type II diabetes and uncontrollable eating! And much, much worse actually.

But it ain't all bad

I wouldn't be writing this if I didn't have a solution, She-Ninjas. Walk with me. 
  • Smart, short, intense fat burning exercise improves insulin resistance, allows your liver to burn through the clogged fat faster, and resets whacked out satiety hormones to increasingly normal (and true) levels. 
  • Having warm lemon water first thing in the a.m. helps your liver produce quality bile. That's right. Quality bile fuels your liver's ability to become unclogged and absorb, assimilate and flush fats. When your liver is clogged and full of fat, bile can't flow. 
  • Lemon water gives your liver a quick reboot by:
    • boosting bile production, 
    • increasing bile flow, 
    • lowering insulin response (even post-prandially), 
    • curbs cravings;
    •  and actually helps alkalinity. 


I add a taste of additional anti-inflammatory and fat burning compounds in mine. 
  • 8oz warm water
  • Fresh juice of half or whole ORGANIC lemon 
  • Dash of cayenne
  • Dash of cinnamon
  • Dash of turmeric
Here's a bonus kicker (in the pants): it will get your bowels moving. Remember to get at least a gallon of water a day so your system has the hydration it needs to flush fatty acids and other wastes. 
For more about how being truly hydrated helps you burn fat, read my post here. Getting at least a gallon of water a day prevents false hunger signals and cravings. 
If you want to learn more about how a woman's body burns fat and builds muscle for good, take a quick read of No Fail Fat Burning for Women

"I lost 10 lbs in 10 days, and I'm still going. This is after 2 years of stubborn weight loss (excess estrogen battle)." - S.J. Hamilton, Verified Amazon Review 
Have questions? Post below. Thanks for reading! Decide that every day you're going to be better than the day before.

You are not a damsel in distress. You are the hero of your story.

PS: I post random, weird things on instagram here: @michelleburleson
PPS: So does the crew of No Fail Fat Burning: @no_fail_fat_burning

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