How to Have a Photographic Memory in 5 Minutes

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Hey, Boss Queen Ninjas-

Last week I showed you "The Journey Method" for locking into memory any list you want to remember. 

Today I'm going to show you how to have a photographic memory in five minutes with The Peg System. Get ready to blow people away with your mad genius at your next bar crawl or boring meeting.

Just like The Journey Method, we're going to use a mnemonic device. 

  • Learn this simple rhyme. Picture it in your head:
      • One-bun
      • two-shoe
      • three-tree
      • four-door
      • five-hive
      • six-sticks
      • seven-heaven
      • eight-gate
      • nine-line
      • ten-hen
    • Now you're ready
      • Have someone give you a list of ten simple, random words. 
    • Let's say these words are:
      • 1. Dog
      • 2. Car
      • 3. Water
      • 4. Dancing
      • 5. Cigar
      • 6. Saturn
      • 7. Ugly
      • 8. Airplane
      • 9. Straitjacket
      • 10. Laptop
    • Now you're going to be able to recite the items on this list backwards, forwards, and out of order when your friend calls out their corresponding number.
      • How? 👇🏾
    • "Hang" each word on the ten "pegs" in your memory.
      • The first word is "dog." The first peg is "one-bun." Create a mental picture of a wacky dog in a bun. Like The Journey Method, you want the mental image to be as absurd and emotionally provocative as possible.
      • Now let's say your friend calls out, "One!" from your list. 
        • One = bun
        • Wacky Image = Hairless, yodeling dog in a bun
        • The first word on the list = dog
      • Do this with all the words on the list. It's incredibly simple and sticks in your memory.
    • Try it again. But this time, bet your friend ten bucks or a glass of that top shelf sipping tequila (beer and wine will fog your brain and contribute to fat cell growth but that's another blog post). The sixth word on the list is Saturn. The sixth peg is "six sticks."
        • Imagine Saturn hurdling through the galaxy with ginormous pixie sticks being jammed into its rings by little green men.
        • Your friend, smirking and believing she's profited $10, calls out, "Six!"
        • Six = sticks = Saturn spinning out of control with little green men stabbing its rings with pixie sticks
        • Six = Saturn
        • Cheers!

      Try it with the whole list. Make a bunch of cash off the haters and remember me when you're rich and famous.

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      Rock on til next week, Boss Queen Ninjas!



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