Is it Bloat or Body Fat? All About Water Weight

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Like many women, I get on the same cycle as my close friends. For a few days a month, the topic turns to moaning' and groaning' about bloat. I add about five-to-eight pounds of water around this time. There's no reason to freak when you 1. know it's supposed to naturally happen; and 2. is very temporary.

But how do we handle flushing water weight and tap into fat as fuel when Aunt Flo isn't around? Here's a cool excerpt from No Fail Fat Burning for Women about it:

For every one gram of excess glycogen (stored carbohydrates aka bloat) your body has, it carries with it three grams of water. That can add up to a lot of excess (water) weight. It's part of the reason you see a brief, meaningless water weight gain after a carb re-feed (if you're on the No Fail Fat Burning for Women protocol). It's not fat. It's water.

You can't gain pounds of fat overnight.
The higher the stores of carbs and carb consumption you had previously before beginning the protocol will determine the time it takes your body to become adapted to burning fat. It will also determine the amount of water weight you will lose in the beginning stages of the No Fail Fat Burning for Women nutrition protocol.

More glycogen (carbohydrate) stores means more water weight loss initially for most women in the beginning. After this initial water weight loss of ten to twenty pounds, you will then begin burning more body fat. Using the No Fail Fat Burning Method, this shift can take from as little as one to two weeks up to a month, depending on your biochemistry.

When you cycle minimal carbohydrate intake, your body will dip into the excess glycogen you're carrying for fuel. Each one gram of that glycogen begins releasing the additional three grams of water to which it's attached as it's burned.

Think about it: a lot of those "problem areas" are stored body fat for sure, but they are also areas where your body stores all the extra carbs you eat that aren't being burned for fuel. These areas will shrink right away.

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