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Aloha, sisters of strength!

Let's kick this off with an email that made us fist pump!

Q: I bought and read your awesome book about three weeks ago. I'm now 20 days into my new lifestyle. I'm down 14 pounds and feel awesome! Loads of energy, happy, satiated, the works. I have to admit my skepticism in the beginning. The book is basically the opposite of everything I've ever been told (butter, eggs, red meat are bad, low fat is good, on and on). But, none of those other ways ever worked and now I'm believer. I've been following the plan 100% and couldn't be happier at how simple and satisfying it is.
Top: Fat Soluble Vitamins. Bottom: Water soluble

My question is about the suggested supplements. I am taking the recommended K2, D3, Primal Defense Ultra, and Vitamin C. I also stir some collagen into my BP coffee. 

I've been taking my supplements in the mornings but I'm not sure if I'm supposed to take them on an empty stomach, with/without water or if I can just take them when I drink my Bulletproof coffee? Thank you for saving my life!

A: First, way to take control, take the leap and conquer fear of change and the chorus of the masses. I'm high-fiving you from over here. Made my day to hear your progress! Please keep us posted on more. You are exactly why we do this.

The supplements you mention (outside of Vitamin C and the Garden of Life Primal Defense ULTRA) are fat soluble vitamins. The fat soluble vitamins are soluble in lipids. They're stored in the liver and adipose (fat) tissue. It's a great idea to take them with healthy fats like your butter coffee first thing in the morning. You may want to hold Vitamin C off til lunch or another meal as it sometimes can upset people's stomachs. See how it works for you. People can be deficient in  fat soluble vitamins if their fat intake is too low or if their fat absorption is compromised.

Also, if you miss your D3 in the morning, skip it til the next day. It's the sunshine vitamin for a reason. You don't want to risk being up all night if you take it later in the day. Get your blood panels done every now and again to check your levels and adjust dosage accordingly.

Thanks for the inspiration and keep it up! You're awesome.

Q: Hi, I am glad to find your book and your fan page. I am starting the program since yesterday, but then I realized that my total carb intake was around 50g ~ 60g. In your book, it says "take less than 30g of carbs daily". Do you mean by Total Carb or Net Carb? And also, you didn't mention anything about specific daily caloric intake... I have been eating like 2500kcal since on this ... Do I need to restrict calories during those 10 days? Thanks! 

A: Hi there. Congrats on starting this journey and I wish you the best of success! I don't know your activity level or goals, but keep in mind the protocol is a basic blueprint. Every woman is unique and once she's adhered to the protocol and committed to it over time, she will learn to tweak it to serve her goals and needs. 30g of net carbs is the suggestion on low carb days for women looking to burn significant amounts of body fat. If you are extremely active, lift heavy weights, or perform high volume resistance training, this will not   be enough carbs for you on training days (excluding days that are solely cardio--- that includes CrossFit WODs) Sorry, XFitters! For nutrition guidance tailored specifically to you, consider getting one on one coaching.

About calories. The whole introductory chapter talks about calories. Please re-read it to find your answer. One of the main tenets of this protocol is there is no calorie counting whatsoever. Page five specifically goes into why. We need to learn to listen to our bodies and how they respond to what we feed them.  Keep us posted on your progress.

Q: What do you think of pea protein?

 A: Peas are legumes. Vegetable proteins are incomplete and a processed legume seed protein on top of it? Not an ideal protein. Grass-fed whey is your ideal protein. If you read the book and are following the protocol as prescribed, then you know that legumes contain anti-nutrients (not as severe as some others but why bother?). They still contain phytate, saponins and PSL. These are potentiators of abnormal and disruptive physiological function, including gastrointestinal. Since a huge chunk of the No Fail Fat Burning protocol involves empowering and healing your gut, I don't recommend it. 

Like other vegetable proteins, pea protein harbors low concentrations of essential amino acids methionine and cystine. Of course, it's your body and health. If you're going to attempt the protocol, commit to it as prescribed. Then, after a few months, experiment with what works best for you. But vegetable proteins, veganism, vegetarianism (sans lacto-ovo-pescatarian vegetarianism) are absolutely not part of the protocol as explained in Chapter Three of No Fail Fat Burning for Women. Please re-read page 37: "What about vegetarianism/veganism?" I have nothing against vegetarianism/veganism as we've tried both. They do not work for Skye or me biologically and the science of the No Fail Fat Burning protocol isn't built around supporting vegetable based diets.


There are ways to supplement these nutrition styles in a way that fully nourishes your body. I strongly urge you to get professional help in designing a plant-based nutrition protocol.


That's all for today, ladies!

It's a carb backload night for me tonight, so it's gonna get very unladylike in here in a few hours! Hashbrowns, potato lyonnaise and pork sausage, over easy eggs.........

Your actions and choices reveal your priorities. Be the hero of your story. Nobody else gets to play that role but you.
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