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Happy Saturday, everyone!

Michelle here on a beautiful, sunny Santa Cruz morning.

Before we get to some Q&A's, let's do some housecleaning:

    1. Thank you to everyone applying for the Kick Fat in the Ass Spring Challenge. Your desires to take action for positive change are humbling, moving and inspirational. Thank you so much for sharing your stories with us. The deadline for throwing your hat in the ring for one of 15 spots is tomorrow, Sunday, March 22 at 11:59pm PST. All the info is here. We all started somewhere. That leads me to.....

    1. We did all start somewhere. The awesome thing about the No Fail Fat Burning for Women protocol is that it's for all women, all ages, all shapes. It's not titled "No Fail Fat Burning for Women Born with Six Packs, Trust Fund, Nanny, Sample Size, Live in Maid, Olympic Gold
      See what happens when you worship false idols?
      Medalists, Never Wants a Glass of Wine and Hates All Carbs." Granted, the protocol is also for that mythical siren mentioned above but don't think for one hot second that you are not capable of achieving a healthy, strong, sexy, lean physique.... and anything else for that matter. There are enough miserable shitheads in this world to make you doubt yourself. Don't let your inner voice be one of them.

  1. I can't say it enough, but if you want to cut fat, get off the damn cardio machines. Quit the constant, steady-state running. Stop wasting your valuable time while raising cortisol that makes you gain weight. Those ellipticals, treadmills, etc aren't working.  That's the short of it. I'll go into detail in a future blog post. Now, onto the show! Please turn off your cell phones and no flash photography, folks. BTW, someone wrote in an Amazon review that Skye's writing makes her eyes roll. Ha. Then mine must make you want to retch. Oh well. Retch away, haters!

Q: I've completed the ten (11) day carb depletion.  I say 11 because yesterday was day ten and after I got home from work with my two little ones, my son proceeded to puke all over the living room floor.  This, of course, ruined any plans I had for the evening.  I figured that extending the carb depletion for one day was better than eating carbs with no workout.  I have had some success (7 scale pounds) and feel great.  I'm not hungry.  I have energy.  The 10 days were not without its challenges.  I got my period 7 days early on day 5 and I found out that I have a raging sinus infection.  I live in the Northeast where we've had an epic winter that just won't go away.  With two little ones (2 and 4), we've been sick pretty much since January.  It's one after the other.  Nevertheless I persevered and did not cheat.  I wasn't even tempted.

Ok--so now to my question.  I have been breaking the fast at 1:00.  Sometimes 12:30 on the weekend so that I can eat lunch with the family.  And then we have dinner around 6:00.  And then I don't eat again.  So it's more like a 19 hour fast, instead of 16.  Am I doing myself a disservice by not eating something else right before 9:00?  Or should I be breaking my fast earlier in order to fall more closely inline with a 16 hour fast?  The thing is I'm not really hungry.  It seems that with every day my appetite dwindles and I don't want to eat big meals.

I really want to thank you.  I have always said, I just want someone to tell me what to do and I will do it.  And here it is.  The other thing that is really great about this program is that I don't have to hide.  A huge part of my failure in the past has been having to make 2 different meals (one for me and one for the fam).  I've always felt shame in dieting, or eating weird.  I don't want to be around people who are going to ask why I am eating what I am eating.  But this is good normal food.  I just don't feel like I am screaming that I am on a diet (or eating to lose weight).

A: First, aside from the hell winter (I guess there's really no hell in winter until it freezes over), the puke disaster (hope your son is okay) and the sinus infection (hope you're recovered, too), it sounds like you've got the protocol dialed in perfectly. I'll wait while you pat yourself on the back. Seven pounds in ten days is FANTASTIC. Make sure you're keeping track of body fat percentage first and foremost.

Second, what you seem to have discovered is what I love about the protocol. When followed properly your hormone levels normalize (oversimplifying it here) and signal the right messages to your brain and the rest of your body.  Makes it so much easier to tune in. Especially when it comes to hunger. Brava!

The next time a child's puke disaster hits (or any other disaster) don't skip your carb re-feed, even if you can't do the workout. I say this because:

  1. Disasters tend to be stressful and you've stressed your body (not in a bad way) with carb depletion. Allow yourself those safe starches in the evening. It will help handle the stress even from a psychological/reward point of view. And you'll get a better night's sleep.
  2. If you do the carb re-feed and absolutely can't get a workout in that same day, do the workout first thing the next morning.
  • nutrition first
  • exercise second
  • sleep, sleep, sleep ZZZZZzzzzzz
Back to listening to your body about hunger. Don't sweat it about going for a few more hours on the fast. When women do this correctly after completing the first ten days, I find I have to tell them to eat more rather than dealing with hunger pains. I think what you're doing is fine. Eat when you're hungry. On days I don't lift heavy I sometimes only eat once a day after intermittent fasting with the butter coffee. When you're hungry, eat. When you're not, don't. You've got it.

Bragg's Apple Cider Vinegar
One thing I would suggest to have right before bed is the drink mentioned on page 71 of the book. I would add to that drink a splash of Bragg's raw, unfiltered apple cider vinegar and some stevia to taste. It tastes like a hot apple cider to me. That, combined with the recommended magnesium and potassium, is a power punch to accelerate your fat burn and deepen your rest.

I recommend this because sleep is when your body does the majority of its repair and fat burning. The ingredients in the drink fuel your body to do this. Moreover, they keep your brain energized allowing for deeper, higher quality sleep.

Keep up the fantastic work and keep us posted on your progress!

Q: I've been doing the bulletproof diet (not perfectly) for about a month. I did paleo prior to that. I stumbled across your book in one of the bulletproof forums. I just finished reading it and I'm going to start the 21 day plan this weekend. 

I had a question for you about the workouts. I usually workout 4-5 times a week in the morning with weights and only do cardio once or twice a week. I have been lifting heavy weights for about a year now so I have pretty good strength (although not the definition I would like). I split up what I'm working out on so I don't do the same muscle group twice a week. Would this be ok to continue to do in the morning and then add your cardio workouts twice a week in the evening or do I need to stop the other workout?

 I workout with a friend and really enjoy our morning workouts together. I also have been adding the bulletproof collagen to my coffee in the morning since I workout in the morning so I'm probably not intermittent fasting. I would appreciate any feedback!
A: Congrats on starting your journey! Taking action is everything. One of the things I'm SO excited about currently co-writing the follow up book to No Fail Fat Burning For Women is going deeper into training and nutrition for heavy lifters and competitive athletes. I talked a little about the program I'm doing now here. Not that it's about me or what I think you should be doing, but to give you an idea of different things we're doing to be featured in the book.

I'd like a little more info so I can answer your question fully. If possible, please respond in the comments below.

  1. You say you're not as defined as you'd like to be. Is your immediate goal to strip body fat for a more chiseled look or to add more lean mass? Of course, we all want both but if you could have one happen sooner than later, what would it be?
  2. What are you doing for cardio workouts and how long do they last?
  3. What is your age, height and current body fat? 
  4. What is your goal body fat?
As far as adding the collagen protein in the morning, Skye and I kinda differ on that... depending on who the person is. I don't know what your body fat/age is so I'm not going to speak to it just yet but if you're having collagen protein in the morning, then yes, you're breaking the fast. Not a bad thing necessarily but I need a bit more info. Look forward to hearing from you in the comments below.

Enjoy your Saturday, everyone! For those of you who have read the book, we'd love an honest review on Amazon to spread the word if you have a moment. It's much appreciated!

Remember: you're not a damsel in distress. You're the heroine of your story.

Much aloha,

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