No Fail Fast Bites 6.22.18: Morning Breathing Better Than Coffee?, The Case for Chemical Sweeteners, Big Ol' Brain

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Aloha, friends!

Three quick, cool things before you head into the weekend and did you know...

... Geena Davis is not only 1/2 of the badass duo from Thelma & Louise. She's also founder of The Geena Davis Institute for Gender in Media. Based on a commissioned study, their research found that the more TV a girl watches, the fewer options she thinks she has in life.


We can use breath techniques throughout the day to keep us in the desirable parasympathetic "rest and digest" mode. This maintains low cortisol, enables you to recover faster physically and emotionally, and induces a calm mindset.


Cortisol is highest early in the morning and if you didn't hit all your sleep cycles, you can expect to feel extra stress, moodiness, brain fog, depression, fatigue, greater chance of injury, compromised memory, and fat gain. (this applies across the board for men and women... more so for peri and post menopausal women).


Here's what to do when that happens:


  • Breathe into your diaphragm for six seconds through your nose.

  • Hold for two seconds

  • Exhale explosively with your diaphragm through your mouth


Do this for two minutes in bed. It will pull your body out of the delta and theta waves of groggy sleep. This will also bring parasympathetic neurons into play to help clear and sharpen the mind while combating excess cortisol spiking.


It ain't for your iced tea!


But if you've dripped grease or oil on your favorite garment, a packet of Splenda, Equal or Sweet-N-Low immediately rubbed into the stain will make it come out easier in the wash. So, now you can use those packets for something other than re-balancing an off-kilter table leg.


Out of pure fascination, I've been reading and researching how we, as modern humans, made extinct the other two breeds of human (Neanderthals and Denisovans). Until new discovery proves otherwise, we are the most vicious, dominant, and biggest-brained breed of the three.


Interestingly, brain hypertrophication (large brains) didn't occur until about 3-4 million years ago. Brains are calorically expensive organs to keep around and we couldn't afford them until we learned to cook -- a process that liberates otherwise indigestible nutrients.


Until about 10k years ago we were a rare species on the planet. We didn't come to dominate Earth until we adopted agriculture, toolmaking and brains big enough for humans to manipulate other humans and animals to their advantage.


Speaking of hypertrophy! It's also good for your muscles! :) Check out the 12 Week Power Sculpting for Women. Let's get swole and woke, Sisters of Strength!


Have a great weekend!

You are not a damsel in distress.

Be the hero of your story!


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