No Fail Fast Bites 7.13.18: The yard nuisance that blasts bloat; Rapid Language Learning Hacks; Why average goals are harder to achieve than big dreams

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Aloha, friends, on this Friday the 13th!

Three quick, cool things before you head into the weekend and did you know...

The thoughts and feelings that hijack your attention (for better or worse) write the plotline for your life.

Have you ever allowed one remark from a person you don't even respect ruin your day?

Paying attention to something is expensive because it determines how you spend your time and your ability to be present.

Be picky about who or what gets your invaluable attention.


The secret weapon we use with MMA fighters who want to flush water to make competition weight safely is dandelion root.

WARNING: More is not more. Follow recommended dosing or you will be peeing all day. It may sound counterintuitive but be sure to hydrate adequately as water flushes bloat.

Please be sure to use an organic, American-sourced product.

Dandelion root not only supports liver health, but is a natural diuretic. And, as an added bonus, it's been shown to help prevent fat absorption by blocking pancreatic lipase activity. I recommend using it during PMS and after carb re-feeds if using a No Fail Female Metabolism Maps fat loss protocol.


I love languages...and, after smashing my skull against the pavement a little too hard a while back, I decided it was time take up a new tongue to support neuroplasticity (that's for another post!)

I've been using Pimsleur audible books and the open source software suggested in Fluent Forever to accelerate my command of Swedish.

Random, I know. But I have lots of Swedish friends and am going to meander about Stockholm for a while.

Why I love Pimsleur Audio.

In a past life, this is what we used to become conversational literally within the first day.

The lessons are brief and based on how humans learn languages orally before they can ever read (why don't schools get it?!) Memorizing by rote is the worst way to learn a new language.

Now that Pimsleur has all their language courses on Audible, you don't have to carry around the clunky CD case. Cue it up for your commute or while on a quick walk.

I know I look nuts walking around speaking Swedish to myself at the beach.
You'll learn more in one, 24 minute lesson than you probably did in four years of high school.


FLUENT FOREVER has a similar -- but different -- approach as Audible. I use them together to hyper-accelerate learning in only about 25 minutes a day. Their new app that makes understanding his method a little easier is set to be released this August.


Ge det ett försök!


First, 98% of women believe achieving incredible, huge things isn't a personal possibility. So, they settle for the average "acceptable" goals ---


---along with everyone else.


This makes the acceptable, average goals an overly-crowded field of competition with 98% of people toiling for the same things. Scarcity mindset.


The mundane goals become difficult because of stressed bandwidth not because they're hard.


But, because they're mediocre, they're also boring so motivation wanes quickly.


Think about when you first started your job (first day excitement and relief at a paycheck) and how you feel about it now (chewing glass).


If you wake up every day stoked beyond words and don't consider it work, you are truly fortunate.


Meanwhile, there's only two percent of women who believe they can create the seemingly impossible for themselves.


There's so much room for them to achieve their heights because the competition level is actually less.


Moreover, having huge, mindblowing dreams to achieve keeps the fire raging when obstacles appear.


After all, it's hard to fight for a cause you can barely make yourself believe in or get out of bed for.


Go big. The odds will be ever in your favor --- at least until people start waking up.


Those who say it cannot be done should get out of the way of those who are doing it.


Have a great weekend. Stay fierce and freaky, proud mamas!

You are not a damsel in distress.

Be the hero of your story!



By the way--

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