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Can a Bride-to-Be Drop 5% Bodyfat in Two Months? 

  Joey Wolfe & I design a synergistic nutrition and training program to achieve her goals.

Aloha, Fat Burning Babes! Michelle here.

I'm so excited to bring you this post featuring my friend and hypertrophy training coach, Joey Wolfe. If you're into:
  •  becoming a better athlete at any age
  •  looking fierce in that two-piece this summer
  •  a nutrition and training protocol to burn fat fast...
 ... then keep on reading. This is something you'll want to bookmark and share.

After a month of nutrition hack research and experimenting for the new book, I packed an alarming amount of fat on around my stomach. It's never good. Especially as a 42-year-old woman.

In the first three weeks training with Joey I dropped two inches off my belly aka "Little Buddha" and bounced back stronger than I've ever been in my life.  His movement protocol combined with smart, simple No Fail Fat Burning nutrition design is a fat-scorching, lean-mass-growing missile.

Michelle Burleson
Paradigm Sport, Santa Cruz, CA
Joey is the elite sports performance coach to the pros. Below is his powerful, training-for-fat-loss program.

Joey's that rare breed who understands women require different volume programming to achieve their physique and performance goals.

If you ever find yourself in the Bay Area, check out Joey's training facility, Paradigm Sport. It's the most advanced, personalized fitness training and sports conditioning center on the Central Coast of California. 

On any given day it's a Who's Who of the professional sports world -- along with mere mortals. The one thing everyone has in common there = Getting after diverse goals using proven, science-based performance protocols.


Michelle Burleson
Women need fatty cuts of grass-finished, sustainably farmed meat.

You may know I firmly believe you can't out train a poorly-timed crap diet. 

Nutrition and exercise protocols must be interdependent. Each should positively impact the other for your health, physique and performance.

It comes down to understanding your unique biochemistry and hormone fluctuations. Then, designing your nutrition and training program around that.

Below, Joey answers a reader question from his unparalleled training and performance perspective. I'm then going to answer with a nutrition protocol that will have her using fat as fuel quickly while preserving that precious lean muscle for amazing shape and strength. 

If our reader, "Bride-to-Be",  follows the advice faithfully, there's no reason she shouldn't reach her goal bodyfat by the time she says "I do" in nine weeks. Of course, we're not medical doctors so she proceeds at her own risk. Moreover, we do not have all the full details of her physical history (age, medical issues, bloodwork, etc). Here we go:


Hi Michelle:

I'm 5ft. 7in. and 23% bodyfat. I'm hoping to get down below 20%. I am doing the carb refeed the night before one of the sprint days, but are there any other principles I can apply to tailor this to my unique needs? I do the carb refeed the night after a heavy lift and the day before early morning sprints.

Do you suggest I do the refeed the night before a heavy lift? I'm getting married in nine weeks and looking to go from 23->18% BF.

Here's my workout schedule:
  • Monday: morning: 1 hr heavy lifting (arms) / bulletproof coffee (nothing added) + l-leucine shake from book + IF protocol from the book
  • Tuesday: morning: 40 mins megareformer Pilates, more active rest than anything / bulletproof coffee (nothing added) + IF protocol from the book
  • Wednesday: morning: 1 hr heavy lifting (chest) / l-leucine shake from book + bulletproof coffee + refeed per book
  • Thursday: morning: 15 mins sprints + some steady-state running + ab workout / bulletproof coffee, IF protocol
  • Friday: morning: 40 mins megareformer Pilates / bulletproof coffee + IF protocol
  • Saturday: rest / bulletproof coffee + IF protocol
  • Sunday: morning: 15 mins sprints + some steady-state running + 30 mins full body lifting / bulletproof coffee + IF protocol


    Michelle Burleson
    Joey Wolfe, Owner, Paradigm Sport
    Hi, Bride-to-Be:

    It looks like you've got a pretty good plan in place. Nice work!  Here are some adjustments to consider with your time frame and bodyfat goals in mind:

    The initial thing that jumps out at me is you're breaking up lifting days by muscle groups.  
    Consider getting away from that approach. Think more in terms of movements. For example:
    • Knee Dominant
    • Hip Dominant 
    • Horizontal Push 
    • Horizontal Pull, etc.


    Always remember to train movements, not muscles.  

    The body does not think in individual muscle groups. It thinks in a series of muscle groups. Trying to target various muscles in your workout is inefficient and ineffective. 

    Your brain sends signals to your muscles when you want them to contract but the brain does not allow muscles to work independently of each other. They work as a team, and by training them that way, you’ll get better results. 

    Typically when I write programs for my clients, I am almost always thinking of the movements involved, not the muscles.  This is my thought process before I select an exercise: 
    • Upper Body Push 
      • Vertical/Horizontal
        • Unilateral (one limb)/Bilateral (both limbs)
    • Upper Body Pull
      • Vertical/Horizontal
        • Unilateral/Bilateral
    • Knee Dominant
      • Bilateral/Unilateral
    • Hip Dominant
      • Bilateral/Unilateral
    • Core
      • Anterior Core
      • Anti-Rotation
      • Rotation 

    "Here's a great way to lose a lot of fat in a short amount of time..." 

    Second. Here's a great way to lose a lot of fat in a short amount of time without losing muscle mass:
    • Remember to train with movement in mind... not muscles.  
    • Combine resistance training (weight lifting) in a circuit training form.  

    For your specific situation, incorporating the Peripheral Heart Action training (PHA) protocol will ensure amazing results.  PHA training is simple to set up:
    • You choose two upper body exercises, two lower body exercises, and a core exercise. 

    • Typically, higher repetition ranges are prescribed for lower body exercises (15-20), mid repetition range for upper body (6-12), and core training is usually high as well (15-25). 

    • You can make some subtle changes to this protocol and it will still be effective.  I like to do two upper body exercises, one lower body exercise and save all the core work for the end. 

    • I also like to have a total of about 15 to 20 exercises in total and cycle through them three-to-four times.  It’s a lot of volume so the focus isn’t on moving heavy weight for your special instance.

    • Here are a couple of notes to keep in mind:
      • 3 to 4 sets
      • 15 to 20 repetitions per set
      • Two upper body, one lower body
      • Use movement philosophy when selecting exercises
      • Do this 3-4 times a week. Because this is a special protocol,  you won't be doing cardio work in-between your training sessions. Use active recovery on your off days such as your Pilates. 
      • I know Michelle is going to tell you this next, but let me add for emphasis: your nutrition must be timed correctly and without mistakes if you want to drop that much bodyfat that quickly. 
      Congratulations on your wedding and let me know how it goes.


      Joey Wolfe
      *See Joey's full bio below.

      Talk to Joey about individualized training protocols for women's fat loss, muscle gain and performance:


      Michelle Burleson
      Michelle Burleson
      Hi, Bride-to-Be! Congrats on the upcoming wedding. I'm going to echo Joey's last sentiment:

      You have zero (zip, nilch, nada) room for diet and nutrient timing error.
      That's only because we're under a nine-week deadline for you to drop 5% bodyfat. With the PHA protocol Joey talks about above and the tweaks below to the No Fail Fat Burning protocol specifically for you, I think you can do it.

      If you do hit 18% bodyfat in two months, please name your fraternal twins Joey and Michelle (Thanks! Doesn't matter which one. But please name the better-looking one after me.)

       PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT: Please understand that this is a unique hack for the Bride's specific situation and fitness level. I know a lot of you are going to attempt the workouts and tweaked nutrition; even if it absolutely does not apply to your individual scenario or current health status. You do this at your own risk. Remember: this is an experiment to get something done in a short amount of time. It's not designed for the long-term without adjustments. Her nutrition protocol below demands perfection because of her deadline. A sustainable nutrition habit for life should only require consistency not perfection.
      Back to our Bride: Normally I would work some things around your menstrual cycle, too, but we don't have that info. So, here's what I want you to do beginning three... two... one... GO!

      Take your before/after pics and all body part measurements, body fat, etc. Get an accurate bodyfat test like hydrostatic or DEXA so you know your true numbers.
        • Do not worry about scale weight. Body measurements, especially around the belly button, will tell you about true fat loss.

        • Looks like you workout in the mornings. Make sure you're working out within an hour of waking up and before ten a.m. Anything else until later afternoon isn't going to be as helpful. Mid-day work outs don't leverage hormone levels for optimum strength gain and fat burn.
        • ON DAYS YOU LIFT: Wake up, train with 20g whey protein mixed with 45g simple sugar or dextrose. Yes, you heard that correctly. Sip during workout  
          • One gallon of water a day. 
          • Keep total DAILY intake to 92g Protein per book, 30g fats per book, 120g safe starches per book, 8 handfuls of leafy greens and/or cruciferous vegetables. Divide these up into meals that look like this:
            • Post-workout meal (no later than an hour after lifting)
              • 18g protein per book
              • NO FAT
              • Two (2) handfuls veggies per book
              • 45g safe starches per book
            • Divide remaining macronutrients up between meals every 3-4 hours for the rest of the day
          • Understand and memorize the approved/no-no foods in Chapter Two of No Fail Fat Burning for Women.
          • Follow regular intermittent fasting on cardio/sprint days per book
          • One complete day of rest a week.
              • You must get deep, quality sleep. 
                Nordic Naturals


                    • Be sure you're getting 500mg magnesium, 200mg potassium at night. 

                    So, now you've got the secret weapons. Remember these training and nutrition protocols are designed to work together for your specific situation.

                    When you return from the blissful honeymoon, you'll want to look at tweaking some things again. Our metabolism and muscles will always be one step ahead of us in a sense so we always need to think about adjustments as our bodies are ever-changing.

                    Please keep us posted on your progress! Here's to your health and happiness!

                    Much aloha,
                    Instagram @MichelleBurleson

                     Joey Wolfe, @paradigm_sport
                    *Joey Wolfe is the owner and founder of Paradigm Sport, an ultra-modern West Coast facility that specializes in performance training for athletes and anyone looking to be in the shape of their lives.

                    Before his career as a strength & conditioning coach, Joey played baseball professionally in the Toronto Blue Jays organization.

                    Joey currently makes champions of world-class athletes with scientifically-proven protocols you won't find in mainstream "fitness" factories.

                    Joey Wolfe's training methodologies boost the metabolic effects of the No Fail Fat Burning for Women nutrition protocol.

                    Talk to Joey today & take your training to the next level:

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