GUEST POST: Coach Tanner Batten - The Key for Women Staying Lean After 30 and Beyond

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Michelle's note: No Fail Private Coaching clients are already familiar with Coach Tanner Batten's expertise in creating sculpted physiques for fat loss with his custom designed resistance training programs. But did you know...



Coach Tanner Batten How Women Stay Lean After 40 With Resistance Training

Coach Tanner Batten, B.S. Exercise Movement and Science, ACSM, CPT, NSCA, CSCS, Precision Nutrition, & Cressey Sports Performance, Head Strength Director at Paradigm Sport Athlete Training Center, Women's Strength Training Coordinator, No Fail Physique Transformation for Women


... Coach Batten also designed the 12 Week Power Sculpting Program for Female Intermittent Fasting. Although it's the first of its kind to make gaining lean muscle and strength a focal point for women using intermittent fasting, it's an applicable program for any woman looking to increase strength and muscle shape well into her best years!

Without further ado, here's Coach Batten: 

In the health and fitness world quick fixes are a dime a dozen.  Many “experts” promise amazing results with little effort required.  Although my “secret weapon” isn’t a magic pill or new superfood, I believe it is the key to lifelong leanness.

 A woman’s best defense against aging and excess body fat is muscle mass. Now, before you write me off, this doesn’t mean you have to look like a chemically-enhanced bodybuilder.  It simply means you need to shift your focus from “toning” to building more lean muscle.  

Research shows that inactive people tend to lose 10% of their muscle mass every decade between ages 30-70.  For a woman doing excessive cardio and experiencing menopause this number can be even higher. Over time, this muscle loss leads to an overall weaker body and skeleton while slowing metabolism. What does this mean for women as they get older?

Basically, it will take you greater and greater effort to keep fat gain at bay

But here’s the good news: You can reverse this by including an intelligent strength training program into your routine.  Endless amounts of cardio may help your scale weight go down temporarily, but will do so by eating away at your precious muscle mass and slowing your metabolism.  (note: Michelle’s emphasis)

So how can women 30 and over preserve muscle mass while looking and feeling better than their 20's?

    • Train for Strength!
        • Focus on getting stronger and consistently doing a little more volume, referred to as progressive overload. Oftentimes people come into the gym and do the same workout week in and week out. Make your time in the gym useful and results-oriented.  Try to push yourself by adding some weight to the bar.
      • Include High Intensity Conditioning Work
          • There is a time and place for steady state cardio, but don’t forget to include some high intensity work as well.  This will help to minimize hunger, preserve muscle mass, and scorch a ton of calories quickly.  Try some  kettlebell swings or bike sprint metabolic finishers like the ones in 12 Week Power Sculpting at the end of your next workout.
        • Eat Sufficient Protein. 
          • Quit Starving yourself! Make sure you're getting the metabolically appropriate portion of protein to your lean body mass each time you eat.  Protein provides the building blocks for muscle mass.  Eating enough will help you sculpt lean tissue and increase recovery between your training sessions.  

          Try implementing the above three tips to build the much needed muscle women12 Week Power Sculpting for Women need to thrive and stay lean as they get older. Your metabolism will thank you!

          If you’re looking for a training program that emphasizes muscle mass and strength (in conjunction with sound and scientifically designed nutrition), then give the 12 Week Power Sculpting Program for Women a shot --- you'll be giving your muscles a reason to stick around for life. Available for immediate download.



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