No Fail Fast Bites 5.25.18: The Everyday Supplement to Avoid, Who Keto Won't Work For, Two Books to Light the Fire inside

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Aloha, friends!

Three quick, cool things before you head into the weekend and...

....did you know a pre-1982 American penny dropped in a vase with a pinch of sugar will help cut flowers last longer because copper is a fungicide?


The "multivitamin."

According to Dr. Pete Attia multivitamins are "... the worst of both worlds. They contain a bunch of what you don't really need and don't contain enough of what you do need. It poses an unnecessary risk with no up side."

My note: Vitamins used in mass production for "multivitamin" products are almost always very poor quality (many cases of lead contamination, other contaminants and byproducts). The supplement industry in the United States is completely unregulated so it pays to use a reputable brand instead of grocery store/big box bargains.


If you've been doing some form of the ketogenic diet consistently and not seeing results, it may be time to get another blood test and compare markers.

If these markers got elevated:

  • C-reactive protein
  • Uric acid
  • Homocysteine
  • LDL particle numbers

It is very likely the ketogenic protocol you're doing will not work for you. Some hacks include replacing saturated fats with monounsaturated fats (listed in my free book) or cycling safe starches.


Goals are great but you're ultimately pissing in the wind with meaningless words when you talk about goals and have no proven system or strategy in place to achieve them.

Over in the private Sisters of Strength Facebook community this week, we recommended two books to help you start walkin' instead of talkin'.

These books aren't solely about artistic pursuits per se, but overcoming mental blocks, fear, procrastination, and resistance to your deep aspirations..

  1. The War of Art by Steven Pressfield (links to Amazon)
  2. The Artist's Way by Julia Cameron (links to Amazon)
Mind changers. Life changers. But knowledge without action means nothing. Learn, then do.

Have a safe and healthy Memorial Day weekend, everyone (in the States)! Bring on summer!

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