This Fat Loss Hack is Almost Too Easy

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When women are in a strategic fat loss phase that includes resistance training, glycogen stores in the muscle tissue are more easily depleted.

If you add intense cardio on top of this, the body will release cortisol to help convert amino acids into glucose to be used as fuel...

And where do those amino acids come from when performing all that crazy cardio?

They come from your hard-earned muscle tissue.

The body will see the muscle as "excess" and will preferentially burn that muscle (instead of fat) to meet the caloric demand of the exercise...

For many people, this means the weight you're losing is muscle and not fat.

Here's the fat loss hack in all my private clients' programs

No, it's not some puke-inducing interval workout.

It's not some heart-damaging, knee-crushing, cortisol cascade of muscle-wasting, Forrest Gump-esque type running. 

It's as simple as walking your dog...

It's L.I.S.S.

Low Intensity Steady State movement... aka go for a lazy walk.

Seems too simple, huh?

Why is it so powerful for fat loss in a No Fail protocol?

Whenever anyone (male or female) endeavors to drop excess fat tissue stores, the risk of losing muscle is high. Unfortunately, for women, that risk is even higher...

Women lose 10% of their muscle mass every decade beginning at 30 unless we're proactive about growing and preserving it...

This is why we're at greater risk of insulin resistance, menopausal obesity, bone thinning, osteoporosis, and injuries/fatalities from falls as we age...

Unfortunately, so many women are focused on the scale...

and so focused on being "skinny"...

...they're completely unaware that muscle is heavier than fat and that's the "weight" they're losing.

How We Use L.I.S.S.

My goal with private clients is to have them exercise and eat in a way that strategically targets fat and spares/grows as much muscle as possible...

Doing crazy amounts of high heart-rate cardio may help women lose weight but that weight will be muscle over fat....

And what's worse is when their "diet" is over they've set themselves up for a tidal wave of rebound weight gain by approaching body transformation that way. 

L.I.S.S. --- timed in conjunction with smart resistance training and nutrition --- is the most preferential mode of movement that will tap into your fat stores while leaving that precious muscle alone.

What about when you want to maintain your current body fat and add more muscle?

That's the other awesome thing about L.I.S.S.

For women at their goal body fat percentage and looking to add more lean muscle shape, size or strength to their physiques by increasing food intake...

Long slow walks are a fantastic way to ensure the weight you're putting on is muscle and not fat aka pounds of purpose.

L.I.S.S. Zeroes in On Gender-Specific Visceral Fat Storage Areas

The other upside to L.I.S.S. --- besides the fact that almost anyone can do it anywhere ---

Is that this type of movement (when timed within a No Fail protocol) taps into the dangerous, visceral, biologically gender-specific fat storage areas...

For women this means L.I.S.S. is excellent for eliminating:

  • fat storage around the bra and back
  • fat stores on the outer triceps (aka bat wings)
  • fat stores on the upper glutes and quadriceps
  • fat stores around the belly 

No Fail L.I.S.S. reduces gender-specific fat storage areas

No Fail Client reduction of gender-specific adipose storage areas before and after


But... Timing is Everything...

It's always great to get your body moving. However...

If you want to leverage all the fat burning/muscle-sparing potential of L.I.S.S. you need to plug your goals into a proven system. 

For L.I.S.S. to oxidize those stubborn fat storage areas you need to create the appropriate metabolic environment....

It's not a matter of "doing everything right"...

Or "working harder" to lose that last bit (or big bit) of belly or back fat...

It's about science, timing and strategy. 

Women ---specifically --- need to work with their biochemistry...

not punish their body into submission... this only creates a skinny fat physique ---

not to mention (more importantly) dangerously compromising your hormonal and psychological health.

L.I.S.S. is simple, free and available to almost anyone who can amble out the door for at least 45 minutes (the longer the better).

You want to time your L.I.S.S. sessions around a proper nutrition and resistance training program for maximum fat burning benefits.

Download your favorite podcast or audiobook and put one foot in front of the other. Doesn't have to be fast. In fact, it's better if you take a mellow pace.

Your dog, D.N.A., doctor, disease prevention, and new wardrobe will all be pleased!  

Have a great weekend, Sisters of Strength... your shoes were made for walkin'!


By the way...

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Join a crew of badass women JUST LIKE YOU who will be taking their body transformation to the next level...

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