Micro-dosing Lithium Orotate for Mood Boost and Brain Health

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Lithium orotate (not to be confused with lithium carbonate or citrate which are prescribed as drugs) mitigates mood swings, combats anxiety, depression, is anti-aging, and promotes brain health. It does not have the toxicity of high-dose prescription lithium or the associated fat tissue growth. Do your homework.

Lithium is a trace mineral in the same group as potassium and sodium.

"...lithium exposure, even in these tiny amounts, might actually be neuroprotective or even enhance the growth of neurons. Other studies have supported their speculation; lithium appears to promote the health, growth and resilience of neurons, reducing stress-induced damage...

...Dr. Nassir Ghaemi, a professor of psychiatry at Tufts University School of Medicine and one of the most active and informed proponents of lithium in the medical community, notes: “Lithium is, by far, the most proven drug to keep neurons alive, in animals and in humans, consistently and with many replicated studies.” And, he added, “If lithium prevents dementia, then we may have overlooked a very simple means of preventing a major public health problem.”" - The New York Times 

My N=1 experience so far is a deeper sense of calm, optimism, much less agitation/stress, better sleep (sleep has been hard with the chronic and intense shoulder pain), and way less being quick to rage. My drive and energy levels have not been affected as of this writing. 

No Fail Physique Transformation Lithium Orotate 

First, you must work with your qualified physician. Don't jerk your brain chemistry around needlessly.

Second, I take 4.6mg daily and use Advanced Research Dr. Hans Nieper Lithium Orotate Tablets, 120 mg. I have no affiliation with this company. It's the brand my trusted physician trusts. Don't mix with tryptophan or 5-HTP.

Third, for the full story, read this New York Times op-ed piece quoted above.

Fourth, let me state again, consult your physician when using lithium, even in low doses. I am not your physician and this blog isn't medical advice. 

Fifth, it's been a godsend with the blahs that come with menopause. Your mileage may vary. Don't forget that with all supplements, you should cycle on and off. If something is an agonist, it may become an antagonist after a while.

PRO-TIP: It's no coincidence the No Fail Nutrition Protocols insist on trace minerals like magnesium, potassium, pink salt and Omega 3's like fish oil. You'll see the greatest results following an highly anti-inflammatory nourishment plan while micro-dosing lithium orotate.

Lithium and magnesium work as companion nutrients in the body. Magnesium is also a great natural anti-depressant. With our toxic "food" consumption, nutritionally depleted soils, and chemical exposures, we just aren't getting the trace minerals to support a thriving neurochemistry. I like to stack 400mg of magnesium citrate with the ~5mg lithium orotate. Find what works for you with your doctor.

If you're feeling that low level fog, anxiety, insomnia, mood swings, PTSD, or like the lights have suddenly gone dim, have a talk with your doctor and consider lithium orotate (but get your nutrition dialed in first and foremost. It's not a band-aid for abusing yourself by ingesting garbage and won't work for you that way).

I wish you the very best and hope it helps you as much as it's been helping me.


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