What Does the Modern American Breakfast Have to do With Masturbation and Misogyny?

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From the bestseller No Fail Fat Burning for Women


DID YOU KNOW? The Curious Case of Corn Flakes

Maybe you’re thinking, “If carbs in the morning are so bad, how come almost everyone eats them for breakfast?” From the early 1900’s through the 1960’s, those in America who could afford it ate mostly high fat proteins for breakfast (eggs, sausage, bacon, ham). The less fortunate ate
boiled grains like porridge, gruel, oatmeal, etc.

Enter John Kellog. Yes, of Kellog’s Corn Flakes. Besides being a king of boxed, processed, cheap carbs, he was also a highly influential physician and Seventh Day Adventist. His healing philosophies at the renowned Battle Creek, Michigan Sanitarium were based on preventing masturbation (he applied pure carbolic acid to the clitorises of women and girls to prevent “onanism”); water and yogurt enemas; and vegetarianism – he believed meat caused sexual arousal. Oh, he was also an active and outspoken racist who helped found The Race Betterment Foundation which sought to breed the superior races of society while sterilizing those deemed “inferior.”

Kellogg was the original “physician to the stars,” tending to many powerful celebrities and politicians of the day. Some of his notable clientele included President William Howard Taft, Thomas Edison, Amelia Earhart, George Bernard Shaw, and Henry Ford.

His influence with these titans of government, industry and celebrity helped evangelize the Kellog Company, their “healthy” corn flakes and many other cheap, carb heavy breakfast staples that still start us off on insulin spikes every day. This is not meant as an affront to Seventh Day Adventism but a point that one wealthy, influential and business-savvy man got the country on board with cheap carbohydrates for breakfast. None of it was based on sound science or nutrition, just religion.

Maybe you’ve heard the myth about not eating carbs after 5 p.m. Here’s why it’s fundamentally flawed regarding fat burning. It’s true, muscles are more sensitive to insulin in the morning. That’s why “experts” say to have your carbs in the a.m., when they can’t be stored as fat. What they fail to mention (or have not researched thoroughly) is that although muscle cells are more sensitive to insulin in the morning, so are fat cells. 

If you eat your carbs in the morning, a good portion of them will be stored in fat cells.

When done as in the No Fail Fat Burning for Women protocol, implementing carb re-feeds is a safe, easy and healthy biohacking strategy that leverages a woman’s metabolic rhythm and feeds carbs to your muscles instead of storing them as fat.

Losing body fat this way is so simple it’s ridiculous. 

Moreover, it allows cortisol levels to drop because you’re not spiking insulin in the morning when cortisol levels are at their highest. Cortisol’s main duty in your body is to break down molecules for fuel. If you do not introduce insulin into your body via carbs in the morning, the complex molecule that cortisol will break down is fat. Keeping insulin out of it will allow you to burn lots more fat. 

However, once you ingest carbs in the morning (including fruit) and introduce insulin into your system, you’ve literally screwed your cortisol levels. They skyrocket and turn the tables dramatically from fat burning to fat storing. Throughout the day your cortisol levels will not subside. One of the worst side-effects: a false hunger signal to your brain. Snack much? So, our goal in the morning is to...
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