The Shredded Veg: Custom-Tailored Plant Based Fat Loss Protocol for Women

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From: Michelle Burleson
Stockholm, Sweden
October 8, 2019


Hello, Sisters of Strength! 

On Friday, November 11, 2016, something incredible happened...

In the history of surfing to that date, most people believed it was physically impossible for women to surf big waves.

Ripped and Lean 2019 

But on that day -- November 11, 2016 -- at Pe'ahi, Hawaii...

... Paige Alms set a world record by surfing a 28 foot wave...

That's the height of a three story building!

Here's what's interesting...

For all of human history prior to that, nobody believed it was possible.

But as soon as Paige Alms did it, people thought it was possible.

In fact, another professional female surfer named Maya Gabeira saw what Paige Alms did and thought, "If she can do it, I can do it."

And just two years later, she surfed a wave 40 feet higher (a 68 foot wave!), and set a Guinness World Record to boot.

Now there's hundreds of female big wave surfers conquering mountainous waves, but it wasn't until one woman did it that everyone else believed it was possible.

November 28, 2016, Was the Day the Body Transformation "Big Wave Record" Was Broken For Me.

At the time, I had seen great health results with modified keto and intermittent fasting.

I loved learning and working with the best biohackers in Silicon Valley and beyond...

Up to that point, I was preventing weight rebound into my 40's that I packed on in my 30's ...  (which was a HUGE victory in and of itself)

I thought I was the smartest mamma-jamma on the planet until...

I gained 15 lbs (of pure fat -- not muscle) after a serious brain injury. 

I lost lean mass, strength, bone mineral, and my body was no longer responding to my old methodologies.



Overwhelmed, Out of Options and...


I began studying the periodization work of Drs. Tudor Bompa and Carlo Buzzichelli (the fathers of nutrition and strength periodization theory). 

Dr. Bompa said,

"I'm going to singlehandedly revolutionize Western nutrition and exercise."            

So he went out and turned a few volunteer women into some of the fittest females in the world.

  In just less than a year -- using his nutrition, exercise and supplementation research methods -- Dr. Bompa turned one female javelin thrower into a gold medal Olympian and world champion...  naturally...


He then wrote multiple research papers and textbooks going into granular depth about his theories hoping "nutrition experts" would apply his methods to their clients.

So, at 43 with major muscle loss and 15 extra pounds of solid body fat that weren't budging, I had a major "a-ha" moment... I thought,

"If Dr. Bompa can transform women JUST LIKE ME into the world's fittest females...

I wonder if I can simply and scientifically drop this EXCESS BODY FAT and ADD MUSCLE to be the fittest version of myself?"

And right in that moment, dropping 6% body fat in 12 weeks became my new goal.

I immediately started implementing Dr. Bompa's theories with my own protocols. 

I said, "This is the year I get into the best shape of my life," and I began building out my nutrition and exercise program.

A couple weeks passed, I wasn't hitting my target numbers.

I wasn't dropping the amount of body fat or gaining the strength I wanted...

But... I was getting close!


So, back to the drawing board...

I made some tweaks based on newer biohacking methodologies for women.

I was full speed ahead to an overdue reunion with my abs and favorite jeans!

And then...

I wasn't quite hitting my marks... again.

But there was one major metabolic law I'd been missing... that I realize now almost everyone overlooks.

So I tried again (third time's a charm, right?)...

and by my self-imposed deadline...

I Crossed the 6% Body Fat Loss Line in 3 Months!



Because Dr. Bompa helped so many women break their transformation "big wave" barriers with his science, I knew I could do it, too.

Since then, I've gone on to add more lean muscle, get even more ripped and set personal bests like the 70lb weighted pull up in the video above.... all as I enter menopause!

That's when I knew I wanted to create the same breakthrough moment for my audience that I had...

So I did.

Exactly this time last year, I created the first 12-Week Physique Transformation Journey using my proprietary SystemShred™ protocol.

Ripped and Lean 2019 No Fail Physique Transformation for Women

 (Ripped and Lean means we focus on incinerating excess fat tissue while preserving and gaining the oh-so-precious lean muscle women desperately need once they hit 30)


I figured maybe a handful of women like you and me would heed the call for the ultimate physique transformation that's scientifically proven...

... Nope. I had to waitlist and turn away tons of women.

I was SHOCKED when 12 weeks later the selected participants lost  -- on average -- 10% of their total body weight while adding a mean of 2.5% lean muscle while dropping several dress sizes.

10% of Their Body Weight!

No Fail Before and After

No Fail Ripped and Lean 2019

No Fail Ripped and Lean 2019

Are you getting what a dramatic difference in appearance it makes when you're sparing and adding muscle while stripping dangerous fat stores?


 But something even bigger than those transformations happened...

During that time, the hundreds of women in our private, online community witnessed the participants blasting past their physique goals, thinking, "That woman --- who's no different than me --- dropped all those dress sizes? If she can do it, so can I..."

Suddenly, it became not only real... but absolutely achievable for everybody.

Now, EVERY SINGLE DAY, Women JUST LIKE YOU Crush Cravings and Blast Past Body Transformation Goals Using SystemShred™

Some Shredders don't even exercise due to previous injury, lack of time, or they just don't enjoy the gym...

... but they're still dropping body fat.

Pretty amazing, right?

Here's my goal for your summer 2019...

My goal is for everyone to see this and say:


Ripped and LEan


"Ok, Michelle... Dropping 10% of My Body Weight is My "40-Foot Wave." That's Doable."  

And once you crush your first physique transformation goal with SystemShred...

then shoot for another...

The System to 10x Your Fat Loss and Lean Muscle Goals in 12 Weeks Has Now Been Proven by Thousands of Women Just Like You...

All you need in order to 10x your body transformation goals is SystemShred™.

In fact, there is not one woman on this planet that I couldn't design a custom program for and --- with SystemShred™ --- 10x her fat tissue loss and lean muscle gain in 12 weeks.

It doesn't matter if you've failed at fat loss before (it's not your fault with all these b.s. fads)...

It doesn't matter if you're post-menopausal...

It doesn't matter if you think you're not 'athletic' (it works for great-grandmothers, new moms and World Champions)...

We can do it because I've now proven the process over and over again.

I Want You to Believe As Strongly and Confidently As I Do That:

You CAN 10X Your Physique Transformation in the Next 12 Weeks...

Are you getting the power of this?

Realizing our potential means seeking out people who will take us to the next level...

That's why I have coaches...

And my coaches have coaches. And their coaches...

...you get the drift.

Every person who is elite in their field knows it's too easy to make excuses...

They can't afford to fall behind personally or professionally...

Which is why they get personalized help and plans...

Why shouldn't you?

When you break your arm, you see a doctor

When you get a flat, you call roadside assistance.

When it comes to the #1 thing that determines your quality of life --- your HEALTH  ---

you must tap into the power of a proven professional, right?

Doesn't that just make sense?

But Let's Be Honest Because I Have Zero Time for B.S.

If you've failed to achieve or sustain fat loss, muscle gain or just getting dressed in the morning without wanting to cry...

 you probably told yourself you just didn't try "hard enough"...

"It wasn't meant to be because these are my genes."

"I'm a failure."

You're resigned to feeling bad about yourself because there's no alternative. Consider that!

How many times have you run East looking for a sunset?

Ever see someone chase the horizon?

A ton of time, tears, sweat and no reward.

That's how fat loss fads and businesses built around body-shaming women keep making billions...

The harder you try, the further they move the finish line while filling their pockets at the expense of your emotional and physical health.

I've been there. Have you?

Creating custom-tailored SystemShred plans for women just like you is why I feel I'm on this planet...

Nothing gets me more pumped up.

But.. I gotta be honest:

I have no interest in being the biggest...

I want to be the best...

...for women who burn to be their best...

Because of that I'm only writing a VERY LIMITED number of custom SystemShred programs

I'm only one person and my 1:1 clients are my #1 priority so I am vigilant about how I spend my time...

Writing custom SystemShred programs is labor intensive and time-consuming

If you're serious about beginning an epic, life-altering journey from the inside out...

Click the button below and change your life NOW.

Be the hero of YOUR STORY by clicking below!

Apply for Ripped and Lean 2019


What to Expect Next...

ripped and lean 2019
Within one (1) business day you'll receive a questionnaire and waiver so we can start designing your program specifically to your unique biological fingerprint!  


Ripped and Lean


You can expect your custom-tailored protocol within three (3) business days of form submission.



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 Ripped and Lean 2019

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You are not a damsel in distress...
Be the hero of your story.

Your sister in strength,

Michelle Burleson


12 weeks from now, if you take no action, you'll be at the exact same body fat percentage (or more) as you are at this moment... or you can finally be realizing the physique you never thought possible...

You could be going full speed ahead on your ultimate health and fitness (emotional and physical)...

You could be skyrocketing your confidence, your vitality, your empowerment...

It's your choice.


This isn't about ME. Whether or not you choose to take the life-altering journey has no impact on my life. But it will change YOUR life. This decision is about YOU. And your wellbeing. And the mind-blowing quality of life you'll have created for yourself 12 weeks from now...  It all starts today.  


Still Not Sure if The Shredded Veg Can Help You 10X Your Physique Transformation?

Don't take my word for it!

Take the words of the women --- just like you --- who have been in the same shoes as you...

 SystemShred Testimonial


 SystemShred Testimonial


SystemShred works


SystemShred Results

SystemShred Results

SystemShred Results

SystemShred Results 100 pounds


No Fail Physique Transformation for Women





 A custom-tailored SystemShred nutrition program DOES NOT include support in the form of email questions, modifications for unforeseen circumstances, and individual coaching or consultation.

However, you will receive an invitation to join our community of amazing women who have exceeded anything they could imagine with SystemShred and have stood where you are today.


After check out, you'll receive a questionnaire and waiver within one business day so we can start designing your program specifically to your unique biological fingerprint! You can expect your custom-tailored protocol within three (3) business days of form submission.


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