๐Ÿ‘™100-199LBS: No Fail Female Intermittent Fasting Fat Loss Protocol Templates

NO FAIL FEMALE INTERMITTENT FASTING (Select weight between100-199lbs)ย 

no fail fat burning for womenBe sure to select your specific scale weight from the drop down menu or you will receive a default program for someone weighing 100lbs ย 

Available for immediate download. Start shedding fat today. Let's do this!

No more guessing, ladies.

Here's an exact plan -- custom tailored to your current body weight-- forย sculpting the physique of your dreams while reclaiming the health of your life using my proprietary intermittent fasting protocol based on female biochemistry.

No Fail Fat Burning for WomenSelect the plan for your current specific weightย in the drop-down menu before checkoutย and let the fat loss begin!*

*If you don't choose your specific scale weight, you'll receive a program for a woman weighing 100lbs by default. There are NO refunds or exchanges on program downloads so be sure to do this.

The No Fail Fat Burning for Women Original Protocol Revved Up & Revised!ย 

The first intermittent fasting protocol designed exclusively to a woman's unique biochemistry.ย 

THE scientifically proven and strategic modified ketogenic protocol for actual fat loss and not just water weight shed. Too many women waste precious lean muscle chasing a lower scale number when they should be melting fat tissue. Those widespread errors don't happen on a strategic, personalized plan.

You get a detailed plan with specific food measurements for rapid fat loss based on your individual total scale weight.

Moreover, learn how to correctly and safely intermittent fast and navigate:

  • 10 Day Carb depletion to ignite your fat burning furnace.

  • Rev & Reset Day. A cheat day strategically manipulated to prevent thyroid down regulation and re-boost fat burning hormones for greater thermogenic effect... while you enjoy foods you love!
  • How to incorporate supplements safely
  • How to mitigate "keto flu" symptoms
  • How to mid-week Carb Refeed correctly. Exact portions for adequate insulin spiking and when.
  • When and how to time training and exercise for maximum fat burning and muscle building effect
  • Uses butter coffee and MCT oil during the fasting window.ย 

  • High fat, high non-starch vegetables, moderate to low protein, low starch carbs with twice a week carb cycling -- and instruction on how to do so

  • Hacks, tricks, substitutions not found anywhere else.

  • Highly recommended for post-menopausal womenย 

  • ย Does not require exercise

Having a system tuned to your metabolic frequency helps you pre-decide choices and then forces you to stay focused. Instead of killing yourself at the gym, beating yourself up in front of the mirror or becoming totally overwhelmed about how to eat and/or exercise, youโ€™ll know what to do every day to put another notch in the win column.

Imagine what wearing those jeans to drool for will feel like.

Will you be able to out-perform your kids? Your grandkids? What will being able to wear a two-piece at the beach or have sex with the lights on feel like?

Or, what will just getting in control of yourself feel like?

Instead of the tired weight loss yo-yo B.S. starve yourself skinny -- ย or admonitions to โ€œjust exercise more!โ€ โ€œtry harder!โ€ โ€œcut carbs! cut fat!โ€ -- youโ€™ll have a science-based system and plan in place.

Before you decide, ask yourself:

โ€œIf I decided to invest in myself today, what would life look like 30 pounds from now? How would I feel every morning fitting into clothes that flatter my body instead of hiding it?โ€

โ€œOF COURSE I want to drop this dead weight to start feeling alive again. And I trust your systems work, Michelle. So whatโ€™s holding me back? Is it that Iโ€™m afraid I wonโ€™t commit the time? Or I donโ€™t think this is exactly right for my situation?โ€

โ€œWhat if I skipped exercise and implemented the nutrition protocol (saving me gym time but still allowing me fat loss). Would my new energy levels and lower body fat give me confidence to achieve more in the future?โ€

Itโ€™s up to you.

Decide between endless blathering about how you want to lose fatโ€ฆ or ACTUALLY integrate a proven system into your life. There are key things women who succeed at physique transformation know that all the failed serial yo-yo dieters do not. Let us teach you the differences and show you the way.


  • Exact measurements (down to the grams and ounces) for powerfulย macronutrientย combos to targetย adiposeย tissue and trigger fat loss cascades based on your current scale weight -- no guessing.
  • A detailed, 24 page, step-by-step guide on how to run your program for ultimate success.
  • Exactly how and what to eat when exercising vs. resting, down to the time of day.ย 
  • Powerful biohacks to boost your metabolism that most women fail to implement when in a fat loss stall.
  • A community of support, tips, recipes, and answers on our privateย Sisters of Strengthย Facebook page. Connect with strong, serious, amazing women world wide who are taking their fitness, physiques and health to the next level.


ย Aย  No Fail Female Intermittent Fastingย nutrition program DOES NOT include support in the form of email questions, modifications for unforeseen circumstances, and individual coaching or consultation.

Please use an accessible email address to receive your program and check your spam folders if not received within an hour.ย 


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