Aloha, Sister of Strength! First know this:

The cage you're in isn't locked.


Michelle Burleson, No Fail Physique Transformation for WomenI’ve ripped my heart, brain and soul open in these programs and pages to provide you with the essence of thousands of hours of research, interviews, and field experience with real women -- including myself. There’s nothing in here I haven’t tried and tried again until I got it right. These metabolically powerful protocols can create the physique you never felt possible. No B.S. and no ‘get skinny quick’ gimmicks. Fads only serve to take advantage of women while making a fast buck. They prey on your desire to better yourself while making you sick, feeling like a failure, comparing yourself to others -- and ultimately -- overfat.

If dieting and trying to “get in shape” has been nothing but a yo-yo shame cycle for you it’s because what you attempted in the past:

• Was never designed to leverage a woman’s unique biochemistry to allow sustainable fat burn or muscle gain and the ability to maintain it for as long as you like.

• Focused on making you “skinny” for instant gratification. Resulting in long-term rebound fat gain, disordered eating, muscle wasting, creating a skinny-fat physique, and miserable, dangerous starvation

• Made you believe grinding your gears for hours at the gym or excess exercise was the only way to get “healthy”

• Made you purchase frankenfoods and boxed/canned meals; taking your money and offering an unsustainable and unaffordable lifestyle in return... as well as rebound fat gain multiplied.

    • Fat Loss or training protocols that used only biologically male research subjects whose lean mass-to-adipose tissue ratios as well as hormone levels and outputs are galaxies apart from most women.

    No Fail Physique Transformation for Women takes fat loss and lean muscle gain to another level for females of any age. Simple, powerful science for the win. Get the unparalleled fat loss and lean muscle nutrition and training systems to designed for radical women's fitness. 

    Your are not a damsel in distress. Be the hero of your story,


    Michelle Burleson

    Author, No Fail Physique Transformation for Women

    Co-Author, No Fail Fat Burning for Women