12 Week Power Sculpting for Women: The Secret Blueprint for Lean Muscle Gains
12 Week Power Sculpting for Women No Fail Physique Transformation

12 Week Power Sculpting for Women: The Secret Blueprint for Lean Muscle Gains

100% backed by science. Available for immediate download.



10x fat tissue burn along with lean muscle growth and greater bone density when combined with No Fail Nutrition. 

Strike the strong physique on that outside that reflects the strong woman on the inside - in 12 short weeks!



Guaranteed lean muscle growth allows you to skyrocket strength at a scientifically designed pace -- easily.




When women increase lean muscle mass AND nourish themselves in a biologically appropriate way, we eradicate insulin resistance. It’s the presence of excess insulin and ever-growing adipose tissue that create hormonal imbalances, impacting our neurochemistry --- and thus --- quality of life.

No Fail Power Sculpting for Women

12 Week Power Sculpting for Women is for...

...every driven woman who desires dramatic body recomposition but can't find a program or professional who understands the intricacies of female physique training that doesn't take all day--- and isn't built for male metabolic environments.

What makes it worse for women?

Beginning at age 30, a woman loses 10% of her muscle mass every decade leading to fat gain, brittle bones, and a "skinny-fat" appearance. Which, unless taking action, means you will always be on the hamster wheel of diets that don't work and "exercise" gimmicks that actually cause fat gain from spiking cortisol by remaining at high heart rates for too long.

And, worst of all, many women who claim to want a strong and lean body can't get past the idea that resistance training will make you bulky and hulky, so they do a bunch of cardio instead which actually eats away at muscle and your metabolism's fat burning abilities.

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Strike The Strong Physique On the Outside that Reflects
the Strong Woman On the Inside

The first women's resistance training program designed to leverage the hormonal fat burning environment of the  No Fail Fat Burning nutrition protcols to:

  • exponentially increase strength
  • enhance lean muscle tissue and shape
  • develop powerful, lifted glutes
  • correct posture and "crone's neck"
  • create the coveted "V taper" back
  • skyrocket fat burn via muscle hypertrophy
  • increase bone mineral content and combat osteoporosis through carefully designed time under tension

This 32 page manual with three months of phased resistance training is the only one of its kind specifically researched and designed for women on a modified keto/intermittent fasting nutrition protocol.

The one thing women sacrifice most on high fat, moderate protein and low carb diets is that precious, oh-so-hard to earn muscle tissue that makes fat loss, bone strength and physical stamina imperative for women over thirty. Throwing any old workout at your body while intermittent fasting is spitting in the wind. You must understand nutrient timing and portioning in relation to your training. 

In essence, give your lean muscle a reason to stick around. If you're losing a ton of weight rapidly on intermittent fasting (that's not water) you can be sure you're sacrificing muscle for a scale weight loss that will not only make you appear "skinny fat," but will ultimately cause rebound fat gain in multiples because you haven't cultivated enough lean tissue to maintain calorie burn. Remember, muscle tissue weighs more than fat tissue.

With this training program you'll be scorching fat tissue and creating strong, lean curves when executed in tandem with the No Fail Female Intermittent Fasting protocol. 


  • Program instruction for all 12 weeks (3 short days a week) of phased sculpting and strength acceleration
  • Metabolic workout finishers to 10x fat burn and human growth hormone production (the ultimate anti-aging supplement you can prime your body to produce)
  • Video links to all exercises


  • Familiarity, access to, and experience with gym/exercise equipment (kettlebells, dumbbells, bars, racks, et al)


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PLEASE NOTE: This training program DOES NOT include support in the form of email questions, modifications for unforeseen circumstances, and individual coaching or consultation.