SystemShred™ PRIVATE COACHING: 3 mos. fat loss and lean muscle physique transformation for women
SystemShred™ PRIVATE COACHING: 3 mos. fat loss and lean muscle physique transformation for women

SystemShred™ PRIVATE COACHING: 3 mos. fat loss and lean muscle physique transformation for women


Spring Coaching begins Sat, April 28, 2018

Only 1 space left. Hurry!

Reserve now before the beach beckons

Three months from now you'll wish you started.

Three-month private physique transformation coaching using the exclusive No Fail SystemShred protocol custom tailored to your exact body composition and goals. Accepting ten (10) badass women ready to dramatically shift their body composition. *note: as of 3.8.18 only 1 slot now available.

Stop talking. Start doing. Make fat loss and lean muscle gain a reality for yourself instead of yo-yo dieting your life and sanity away. 

 2x/week check-ins to ensure you consistently shred fat and build muscle. Hands on support, guidance, and learning you can't find anywhere else (not even in the book!)

 Protocol adjustments as your body fat percentage drops and strength grows

👙 A personalized nutrition plan based on your exact body composition data and goals

👑 An exercise and training program designed by my personal strength coach, and head coach of Paradigm Sport Athlete Training Center, Tanner Batten 

🙋🏽 A close, working relationship to keep you focused, burning fat, building muscle 

🌟 The support, knowledge and helpful tips of our Sisters of Strength Facebook group. This is our kick ass community of women taking their health, strength and life goals to the next level. 

No Fail System Shred Personal Coaching
A No Fail SystemShred personal coaching client's 4 month transformation

What if you had a No Fail fat loss system in your life and a coach in your corner?

No Fail Private 3 Month Coaching with SystemShred™ includes a customized -- and progressively updated -- nutrition protocol tailored to your body composition for serious, sustainable fat loss and lean muscle gain. Additionally:


  • After receiving your questionnaire, my personal strength coach, Tanner Batten (BS Exercise and Movement Science, ACSM CPT, NSCA, CSCS and head coach at Paradigm Sport Professional Athlete Training Facility) and I will design a resistance training or other exercise program tailored to what you hope to achieve. 


  • Twice-a-week check-ins to monitor progress and make any adjustments as your body fat percentage drops and your strength rises.


  • Access to a private, online community of other kick ass women from all over the world just like you who are on the same journey. Here I provide additional tips, suggestions, hacks, and answer questions we don’t cover in check-ins.


Imagine waking up three months from now with a physique and level of fitness you never thought possible.

Imagine what wearing those jeans to drool for will feel like. Will you be able to out-perform your kids? Your grandkids? What will being able to wear a two-piece at the beach or have sex with the lights on feel like?

Or, what will just getting in control of yourself feel like?

Instead of the tired weight loss yo-yo B.S. starve yourself skinny --  or admonitions to “just exercise more!” “try harder!” “cut carbs! cut fat!” -- you’ll have a science-based system and plan in place with a 24/7 Sisters of Strength support tribe.

Before you decide, ask yourself:

“If I decided to invest in myself today, what would life look like 12 weeks from now? How would I feel every morning fitting into clothes that flatter my body instead of hiding it?”

OF COURSE I want to drop this dead weight to start feeling alive again. And I trust your systems work, Michelle. So what’s holding me back? Is it that I’m afraid I won’t commit the time? Or I don’t think this is exactly right for my situation?”

“What if I skipped exercise and implemented the nutrition protocol (saving me gym time but still allowing me fat loss). Would my new energy levels and lower body fat give me confidence to achieve more in the future?”

It’s up to you.

Decide between endless blathering about how you want to lose fat… or ACTUALLY integrating a proven system into your life. There are key things women who succeed at physique transformation know that all the failed serial yo-yo dieters do not. Let me teach you the differences.

What about having a fit body fit into our hectic lives? To be able to stop wondering

HOW to do it and will it work and instead wake up, get dialed in, and have it all figured out for you.

What if you could turn it around like this?


"...after a heart attack followed by a quintuple bypass at 60, my daughter gave me No Fail Fat Burning for Women and forced me to read it.... five months later and forty pounds less, I'm off all prescription medications and my doctor says I have the bloodwork of a fit woman in her forties! Had I known about you before, my heart attack probably wouldn't have happened but I think you're saving my ninth life! I'm pumping iron instead of pushing up daisies!" - Mary S., Yellow Springs, Ohio

Or this?


We got the traveling DEXA thing to the lot today.   XXXX''  ' s down 6.5% body fat and she gained five pounds of muscle! She actually seems confident for once. Now let's pray they don't shut down production. Will mail signed poster..... Sending you all my clients whether you like it or not. Move back to L.A. now. K. Thx. Bye." - T.B., Talent Agent, CAA

No Fail Physique Client Tracking

Above is one of many proprietary No Fail algorithm charts used to track each client's water fluctuation, fat loss and muscle retention/gain. In a healthy, sustainable fat loss protocol, there will be peaks and valleys with the overall trend of melting off fat tissue while preserving and gaining muscle. You can also see a week of heavy training where there was natural water weight gain. As well as small peaks around the beginning of the menstrual cycle. It's the minor adjustments from the check ins that make the difference between mediocre or magnificent results.


Having a protocol dialed into your unique fat-to-lean mass ratio is critical. It's the foundation of how I target your physique transformation in private coaching. And, for the first time, I'm offering these individually designed protocols to online clients -- so you can have the same sophisticated strategies as the clients I work with face-to-face.

You'll learn how to combine timing, servings and movement (optional) in a simple but powerful way to force your body to start shedding stubborn fat and growing lean tissue. The protocol molds easily into your daily life so it's no longer about willpower.  It becomes another automated habit --- towards the right things.

  • Even if you have things pulling you in a thousand directions
  • Even if you prefer not to/can't exercise
  • Even if you've never been able to maintain your fat loss achievements before
  • Even if you think lowering your body fat isn't possible

I've never made these fat loss and lean muscle systems available publicly. I'm going to keep it limited to the few women I haven't scared off yet and close it once it's full. So, if you could benefit from a total body transformation now -- and for the rest of your life, I hope you take action.


There are no refunds on books, nutrition or training programs. No exceptions. All sales final.