30 Day Lower Body Breakthrough: Luxe Legs & Lifted Glutes

90% of Women Train Legs & Glutes the Wrong Way...


Here's the truth women 35+ need to know about:

  • reversing cellulite (aka cottage cheese)
  • avoiding gluteal amnesia (aka droopy butt and saddlebags),
  • correcting back, hip and knee pain
  • growing luscious legs while lifting the rear end

Many women suffer from the idea that body and health transformation is a fool's game after 35, childbirth or menopause.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

If you specifically want a derrière to die for and legs for days, then THIS is what you're looking for. 

After tons of reader request, I'd like to introduce you to...


Luxe Legs & Lifted Glutes in 30 Days

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No Fail Lower Body Breakthrough makes it simple for you to:

  • Skyrocket your body's ability to shed excess fat...
  • Grow lean muscle in the posterior chain and increase bone mineral even after menopause...
  • Balance the hormonal scales for good to keep metabolism purring at a healthy body fat percentage that's easy to maintain...
  • Fit into those favorite jeans and ...
  • Make hormonal health and body transformation a breeze with my scientifically, anecdotally and empirically proven biohacking strategies...

... and SO much more

And what makes this even better?

Now you never have to worry about spending hours in the gym wondering if what you're doing is even making a difference.

Which also means you're not stuck wasting precious time, money and muscle.

And best of all... when you follow the simple, short workouts, you'll start seeing results with No Fail Lower Body Breakthrough in 30 days!

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So again, if you're a woman who wants great glutes and killer legs, understand this:

  • You need to stop droning on about "someday" and "starting tomorrow." Mañana syndrome is deadly....
  • The privilege of life is becoming who you are...
  • You are not a damsel in distress. Be the hero of your story!

The No Fail 30 Day Lower Body Breakthrough gives you every silver bullet for body transformation success. Sculpt stubborn areas in the shortest amount of time....

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  • Program instruction, dynamic hip flow warm up video, and training log for 30 days of periodized posterior chain sculpting and strength acceleration
  • BONUS: "Little Bit Left" personal workout I use to 10x fat burn and human growth hormone production (the ultimate anti-aging supplement you can prime your body to produce)
  • Video links to all exercises
  • Access to kettlebells, dumbbells, a barbell and a bench or sturdy platform

There are no refunds on books, nutrition or training programs. No exceptions. All sales final. 

PLEASE NOTE: This training program DOES NOT include support in the form of email questions, modifications for unforeseen circumstances, and individual coaching or consultation.