Custom Tailored SystemShred™ Fat Loss/Lean Muscle Plan for Women

Ready for a targeted fat blast from fluffy to fierce? 

Three months from now you'll wish you started.

It's easy to feel lost and unsure about whether you're approaching fat loss and muscle building effectively or simply spinning your wheels. Let's design you a three-month No Fail SystemShred™ fat loss/lean muscle nutrition protocol for your exact body composition so you can focus on insane physique transformation.

A personalized SystemShred Protocol is perfect for:

  • any woman who's been struggling with those last 10 - 20 pounds of "stubborn" fat
  • actresses preparing for stage or camera roles
  • athletes preparing for competition/season
  • bikini and physique athletes prepping for a show
  • athletic models
  • brides-to-be
  • any woman who’s committed to making her aesthetic and strength goals a reality
  • any woman who's ready to get off the hamster wheel of chronic dieting and fat loss plateaus

Get a No Fail Physique Transformation for Women Custom Fat Loss Protocol  What you'll get:




  • Exact measurements (down to the grams and ounces) for powerful protein, carb and fat combos to target fat tissue while increasing strength and muscle shape. All built around your body specifications.
  • Exactly how and what to eat when exercising vs. resting, down to the time of day.


  • Powerful biohacks to boost your metabolism that most women fail to implement when in a fat loss stall.
  • A community of support, tips, recipes, and answers on our private Sisters of Strength Facebook page. Connect with strong, amazing women world wide who are taking their fitness, physiques and health to the next level.

No Fail System Shred Private Coaching Client

The four month progress of a SystemShred client


 A custom-tailored SystemShred nutrition program DOES NOT include support in the form of email questions, modifications for unforeseen circumstances, and individual coaching or consultation.

After check out, you'll receive a questionnaire and waiver within one business day so we can start designing your program specifically to your unique biological fingerprint! You can expect your custom-tailored protocol within three (3) business days of form submission.


There are no refunds on books, nutrition or training programs. No exceptions. All sales final.